Research and Knowledge Exchange

The Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) directorate is responsible for providing the core university support to the delivery of institutional functions and the University’s RKE strategy. This is an area of increasing importance and focus and the team’s activities are specifically focused around: external funding applications and awards; the quality of the research environment including ethical and legal frameworks, researcher development and impact; the financial aspects of research management including grant management and funding allocation; the quality, visibility and reputational aspects of research through Research Excellence Framework (REF) and other mechanisms; knowledge exchange, business partnerships and SME provision including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP); and regional engagement and institutional level programmes.

The Research and Knowledge Exchange directorate also provides an oversight role to ensure that expected performance indicators, academic quality standards and legal compliance responsibilities (relating to research) are being effectively and demonstrably delivered. As well as directly supporting academic staff, we also work closely and collaboratively with a number of other departments, notably Human Resources, Finance, Legal Services, Faculty business development staff and the Library.

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