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Our Candidate Experience Pledge

At Manchester Metropolitan University we pride ourselves on having an honest and candidate-friendly recruitment process. When you apply for a job with us we’ll make your experience as easy and fair as possible. With our Candidate Experience Pledge we promise to be clear, respectful and supportive.

We have a practical and personal approach to recruitment. Our application processes are tailored to the role that we’re recruiting. We shortlist candidates based on our essential criteria and craft a recruitment process that captures personality, skills and experience in the best way possible. After all, we want you to perform at your very best and get the most out of your application experience.

Our Application Process

We measure our success by the impact we make, that’s why we bring real-life skills into our recruitment processes. From panel interviews to seminar sessions and interactive assessments – you will get the chance to show us exactly what you’re brilliant at doing.

  • Once you have applied online you’ll receive a confirmation email to reassure you that your application has been received.
  • Our skilled Talent and Resourcing team will review your application against the selection criteria. Candidates will only be shortlisted after the closing date stated on the job advert.
  • If you’ve been successful at the application stage we’ll contact you and invite you along to the next stage of our recruitment process. We’ll also let you know if you’ve been unsuccessful.
  • The following stages of the recruitment process will depend upon the role you applied for. They often include panel interviews, presentations, assessments centres, holding lectures or seminar sessions, interactive assessments and showing examples of your practical skills.
  • Whether you’ve been offered the job or you’re unsuccessful this time around, we’ll always provide comprehensive feedback after your interview and listen to your comments to help us constantly improve our recruitment processes.

Remember, our Talent and Resourcing team are always on hand to help you perform at your very best - providing advice and support throughout the whole process.

Supporting Disabled Applicants

We believe that disabled people have a right to fully participate in all employment opportunities. Our approach to recruitment plays an important role in our accessibility commitment and we aim to exceed the minimum statutory requirements. We’re proud that our University is the only HEI in the UK to hold a Gold Award in the Business Disability Forum Disability Standard.

It is our vision to:

  • Remove all physical, social and attitudinal barriers faced by disabled people.
  • Promote inclusivity and accessible environments.
  • Provide equality of opportunity when disabled people apply for work with us and are employed here.
  • Be proactive in everything regarding equality and diversity.

We will always do our best to help you to succeed. If you’re disabled and you demonstrate that you meet our essential selection criteria then we guarantee that you’ll be shortlisted and invited to the next stage of our recruitment process. As a result, we recommend that you tell us about your disability on your application form. This is important so that we can offer any necessary adjustments as part of your assessment or interview.

If you are successful then we’ll also be able to make any necessary adjustments within your role. This dedicated practical support will enable us to remove and barriers that prevent you from participating in every aspect of campus life.

FAQs for Disabled Applicants

“I am immensely proud of our diverse community at Manchester Metropolitan University. Equality and diversity are well embedded throughout the University, and we have been recognised for ‘leading the way’ as a disability smart organisation by our partners. We are dedicated to removing the barriers disabled people face, through our inclusive policies and practices, which are underpinned by our Equality and Diversity Strategy and Vision for Disability Equality. Our workforce is our single largest source of competitive advantage and all colleagues should feel this is a fulfilling place to work.”

Jean-Noel Ezingeard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the University’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC)

Our Commitment to Disability Equality

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Supporting Disabled Applicants

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Supporting disabled employees

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