Academic Career Pathways

Pathways Intro

Your career development is important to us. Which is why, here at Manchester Metropolitan University, we have Academic Career Pathways to provide a framework for our academic staff to gain recognition and reward for the diverse range of contributions that they make to the success of the University. We know that it is important to give our academic staff clear goals for development and provide them with the necessary support to progress.

As a result, we have set out two Academic Career Pathways: Education, Pedagogy and Citizenship or Research, Education and Citizenship. Once you have joined the University, you will have the opportunity to select your pathway, depending on whether your primary activity is in education or research.

The pathway also sets out clear guidelines so your career can progress here at Manchester Metropolitan University, setting out expectations for your development from Lecturer, to Senior Lecturer, Reader and then Professor.

To learn more about the pathways, please see the video from Professor Andy Gibson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.